Some great tips in this article with the intriguing title “What Friedrich Nietzsche Can Teach You About Using WordPress Plugins” over at

While plugins can definitely enhance your WordPress-powered website, you must be judicious in what ones you choose and Jerod does a good job of  giving you the run down on what to look for, some plugin resources and links to some of their trusted plugin authors.



Jill Skaling Chongva

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Jill Skaling Chongva


I create beautiful websites with WordPress & blog about living a simply wonderful life :)

It’s sad when someone you looked up to jacks the Boston Marathon to promote an article. No. Just No. – 3 days ago

Jill Skaling Chongva

Jill Skaling Chongva

Jill Skaling Chongva runs on Genesis – THE premium WordPress framework. With comprehensive SEO settings, rock-solid security, flexible theme options & cool custom widgets, Genesis is the best way to deploy WordPress for your website. Contact me to discuss how to power YOUR website with Genesis!

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